February 5th - 9th, 2024


  • Emily Ackerman
  • Jayson Alsbrook
  • Richard Anderson
  • Kenneth Bilodeau
  • Kevin Burkitt
  • Camile DeMacedo
  • Sharkirah Foote
  • Danielle Henriquez
  • Sarah Kader
  • Mark Leary
  • Karina Maldonado
  • Allen B. Miles III
  • Ryan Newman-Gross
  • Dena Novak
  • Rosa Salgado-Rodriguez
  • Suparna Sinha
  • Riley Skipper
  • Justin Smith
  • Catharine Tarquinio


  • Staciann Abbruzzese
  • Kenneth Bilodeau
  • Adrian Cameron
  • Gina Schober
  • Justin Smith
  • Carl Sposato
  • Bryan Veliz

Leveraging Every Advantage: Resources & Networking

This year's hybrid technology event, L.E.A.R.N., designed for our lifelong learners at DoCS, presents an opportunity to explore a spectrum of novel and familiar tools that can elevate daily tasks and performance. Attendees will be empowered to learn, network, collaborate, and gain insights into optimizing technology for enhanced workplace productivity. Regardless of whether you're looking to acquaint yourself with new tools or hone existing skills, this event is your pathway to success.

Note: This event is designed for Class 1 & 3 employees. Supervisors can invite class 4/5 if the topic is deemed essential for their work.


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Online Event

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Our presenters are mainly DoCS colleagues sharing their knowledge along with a few product experts.

Event Sessions

Each 45 min Session is designed just for you. Attend any session during the week; there is no keynote or closing ceremony.

Committee Members

Staci Abbruzzese (Statewide)
Kenneth Bilodeau (ITaCS)
Adrian Cameron (ITaCS)
Gina Schober (CGS & CELG)
Justin Smith (Academic Media)