Lifelong Learning Technology at Continuing Studies

Our Vision

Information Technology at Continuing Studies’ core mission is to support the twenty-plus departments under the Division of Continuing Studies within Rutgers University. We provide the technical knowledge and expertise that enables our supported units the ability to promote and support the Division’s mission of lifelong learning, reaching audiences throughout every stage of their educational lives.

Our Core Values


An informed team of technology specialists who work to support each other as well as every client we engage. By having a wide array of different talents and skills among our team, we pride ourselves on being able to consistently and readily solve the challenges, both planned and unplanned, put before us on a daily basis.


The ability to trust your technology professionals is a paramount need for any organization, regardless of size. Members of a technology team often have a privileged role and comprehensive access to many sensitive systems within an operation. Implicit trust of your technology providers and partners is required for the health of any organization, big or small.


Information technology is a service, and with that service must come an understanding of the human elements and the requirement that information technology intends to further the mission of any organization. It is through service and making social connections; we evolve our understanding to build better systems and assist in creating better organizations.

Products & Services

The AppDev team works with you, our clients, to provide you with the most stunning and visual web/online/mobile product possible. We've developed custom applications for departments to strategically help make their operations more efficient.

Services Products
Website Design, Development Drupal 7 & 8, OPA, DICES
Mobile app development (   Apple |   Android) RuOnlineCon, TLTRutgersDay
Custom Online Applications Responsive Websites & Online apps

For all your data needs, the Database team will analyze your data, obtain data from various sources and store it securely. We provide university-centric reports based on data housed in a variety of database software.

Services Products
Data collection and storage consultation Oracle, MsSql, Mysql & Postgres
Data Retrieval, Backups and Reporting SQL Developer & MySql Workbench
Database Configuration, Setup and Security  

The DLM team provides efficient day-to-day operational support for all Desktop/Laptop and all End-User Devices throughout the DoCS. We deploy computers and devices to employees and coordinate with external vendors on special projects like conferences.

Services Products
Hardware and software consultation DoCS Help Desk
Computer Lab & Workstation deployment MS 365, Outlook & Apple Mail
Computer peripherals (i.e. printers, copiers, etc.) Third-party Windows and Mac apps

The Network and Infrastructure team supports DoCS with connectivity initiatives, resolved issues and special projects. We provide security for all internet-based products and services while resolving & preventing threats.

Services Products
Operating systems (   Windows |    Apple | Linux) Event Management System (EMS)
Firewalling & Network Security Scheduall
LAN & WLAN Network Configurations & Setup Active Directory