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IT for Municipalities

Our Seasoned IT program for municipalities is specifically geared to meet the unique needs of individual towns and cities.  It features:

  • A menu of service options, from basic support to planning and consulting
  • A team of IT specialists with diverse backgrounds, capable of addressing any challenge
  • A cost-saving alternative to in-house ITsupport
  • One-stop shopping for any IT and web-related needs

Rutgers ITaCS specialists are available to exclusively handle IT needs or to complement an assist in-house staff.  Municipalities can choose from the following program components:

Basic Technical Support

Hardware/software installation and accessibility, routine maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs and virus screening

Web Development

Hosting, re-design, information layout/hierarchy and content management

Core Infrastructure Support and Project Deployment

Planning of new or replacement infrastructure, web site/intranet development and management of complex IT systems or projects

Emergency Support

Handling of data recovery, server failures and other emergency issues

Consulting Services

IT analysis, upgrade consulting and assistance with large-scale projects

Services are targeted to each municipality's needs and can be contracted annually or on as as-needed basis.  For more information on how we can serve your IT needs, contact Warren D. Nevins at 732-32-4702 or visit us at