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How to get started with Rutgers Connect

The following instructions will help you get started using Rutgers Connect, the new central email, calendar, and cloud services system.

Image of the browser address bar with the URL connect.rutger.edu in it

Open up a web browser and go to https://connect.rutgers.edu

Partial Screenshot of the connect.rutgers.edu website

Enter the following:

  • Enter your Rutgers Connect Sign-In Address: RU_NetID@docs.rutgers.edu
  • Click: Next
  • Enter your Rutgers NetID Password
  • Click: Sign In

Navigating the Rutgers Connect

Once you are logged in you can click on the App Launcher at the top of the screen to see what applications are available with Rutgers Connect. Here are some of the more commonly used applications and the help pages associated with them.

Screenshot of the connect.rutgers.edu website after logging in.

  1. To view your Email, click on Outlook
  2. To view your Calendar, click on Calendar
  3. To use the Office Online Products like word, excel, etc., Click on the app you want to open it

More help, download the cheat sheet below.

Outlook Calendar Office 365 Training Center

Rutgers email
Office 365